MLS Direct Network of Alabama (MLSAL) is a proud partner of MLS Direct Network (MLS) and one of the original founding offices being with MLS since its inception. MLS is a cooperative buying network that offers processor-direct pricing to its partners, who then pass these savings on to their prospective merchants.

MLSAL is a merchant services company specializing in wide variety of payment products including credit card processing and ACH/Check processing

MLS operates similar to a non-profit organization in that it doesn’t accumulate any significant profits at the corporate level. Most profits in excess of the streamlined operating costs are pushed out to the partners. This allows our partners to offer maximum savings to their prospective merchants. This concept is the exact opposite of the industry in general.

The typical provider in our industry retains a significant amount of the profits at the corporate level while the street level agent is forced to charge higher pricing to make up the difference at the expense of the merchant. MLS feels that this is a failed concept that has created a huge turnover in the processing industry. MLS Partners have a low attrition rate and are experiencing stabilized profits through better pricing. Partners are able to grow their individual offices without having to overcharge their respective merchants in the process.

Benefits to Merchants using the Network:

  • MLS Direct Network offers what merchants need the most: cutting-edge, innovative and efficient payment products at wholesale prices and expert and convenient support and service.
  • The network’s collective volume provides for increased leverage power to obtain better electronic transaction pricing, which enables its partners to offer wholesale pricing to their merchants.
  • In addition to receiving excellent pricing, MLS Direct Network merchants benefit from the expertise and dedication of the members/partners. Our merchants receive a high level of consistent professional consultation because they are dealing directly with the owners of the company rather than with inexperienced and new agents.