iPad Point-of-Sale System. 

Imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about the day-to-day hassles of running your business because it’s being handled for you. Imagine not having to wonder if your supplies or inventory are running low, or worry about calculating payroll on time, or if your marketing efforts are effectively working! The great news is, you no longer have to. Introducing the MLS Touch Point-of-Sale System for restaurant AND retail store applications. MLS Touch POS manages inventory and staff, tracks customer movements and purchases, and has all the tools the fortune 500 companies have, at fraction of the price. The only tough job left for you to do is decide what you’ll do with your new free time and added income.



Generate Additional Revenue and Cut Costs in a Matter of seconds

cutcostsCut Costs!

  • Expensive POS System features at a fraction of the cost!
  • Eliminate employee theft and mismanagement
  • Automatically generate reports that identify your least profitable items/merchandise and areas
  • Quickly train new staff with helpful tutorials and videos
  • And Much More!

revenueGenerate Revenue!

  • Powerful loyalty programs – Promote repeat business with virtual punch card and loyalty card programs
  • Virtual Couponing
  • Automatic marketing campaigns – email customers on their birthdays or customers who haven’t visited recently
  • And Much More!


Restaurant Management

  • Split tickets by number of people or by items ordered
  • Transfer tickets between servers
  • Save tickets and tabs
  • Time and attendance
  • Multiple tender payments (cash and card on same bill)
  • Pay in/out functionality and reporting
  • Kitchen printers and grouping

Loyalty and Marketing

  • Capture actionable customer info
  • Create digital punch cards programs
  • Create points-per-dollar-spent programs
  • Segment your customers and send targeted marketing messages
  • Loyalty system fraud notifications



  • Customizable menu area
  • Menu shortcut button for easy navigation
  • Recreate or retrieve a past order in seconds
  • Search bar can be used to find and order items
  • Table side ordering and payment
  • 4 different modifier types make ordering foolproof
  • Order types help track revenue and reduce errors


  • Table side payment and tip options
  • Pre-set and custom tip options
  • Delayed tip functionality for sit down restaurants
  • Generate tip Reports
  • Drop reports from iPad



  • View reports on iPad and Computer
  • Break down reports by day, week, month or year
  • Sales data on inventory at department, category and item levels
  • Sales by day part
  • Employee monitoring – time and attendance, pay in/out, wages due, etc…


  • Set reorder reminders
  • Track anything and everything!
  • Reduce lost profits caused by theft and errors
  • Track an item using up to three different measurement units – Purchasing, Physical, Relieving
  • Transfer inventory between locations using your online business portal