MLS Direct Network of Alabama (MLSAL) is a partner office of MLS Direct Network (MLS). MLS is a merchant services company, based out in Birmingham, AL that specializes in Credit Card Processing, Electronic Check Guarantee and Conversion, E-Commerce/Internet Credit Card Processing, Gift/Loyalty Cards and much more.  MLS was founded in 2004.  MLSAL joined MLS in the same year making it one of the founding offices with the company.   MLS is a leader in the industry amassing 4.2 Billion dollars in credit card processing volume per year.

MLS Direct Network separates itself from the competition on two fronts which are Customer Service and Pricing.

MLS Direct Network of Alabama is able to give our clients industry leading prices due to its core business structure. MLS’s business model allows them to negotiate wholesale pricing by combining the processing volumes of all of its partners to create significant buying power.   This buying power is drastically increased when MLSAL combines our processing volume with the remaining one-hundred (100) MLS offices.  The idea is the same as buying in bulk for reduce cost. With this being said, it is then as simple as passing on those savings to the merchant.  Pricing in this industry can be very complicated. MLSAL’s understanding of this industry is another way that merchants save money with MLSAL. With the ever changing landscape in this industry, including but not limited to the recent law’s introduced (ie: 2010 Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Legislation or Durbin Amendment) to manage this industries’ price points, it is very important that merchants have a provider that understands their portfolio and reacts to these changes in order to ensure that their merchants receive the appropriate pricing model that will maximize their savings.

While pricing is important to all business owners, MLS Direct Network of Alabama has always made its primary initiative Customer Service. MLSAL prides itself in being very hands on with its merchants by addressing every issue as if it were their own. MLSAL is unique in this industry as we provide four layers of customer service versus the industry standard one. In many cases, the merchant will have the support of the credit card processor only. This typically results in the merchant playing around in the maze of automated customer service prompts before getting assistance with even the smallest of issues. With MLSAL, you still get your credit card processor customer service but you also receive the help of MLSAL’s office and the support of the MLS Direct Network Corporate office and, of course, your personal Account Executive.