Our No Risk, No Obligation Guarantee

MLSAL is so confident that they can deliver on both their commitment to lower pricing and to provide industry leading customer service that we will back that up with our “No Risk, No Obligation” commitment.  This means that if the customer finds a competitor with lower pricing that MLSAL can’t match then the customer can leave MLSAL with no penalty whatsoever.  This means that if MLSAL can’t resolve an issue in a timely manner then that customer can leave MLSAL with no penalty whatsoever.  If the customer sales the business, goes out of business; there is no penalty whatsoever.  It is truly a no risk situation when dealing with MLSAL!

Our Policy

MLSAL will cancel the customer’s contract with no penalty when the following situations occur and the following stipulations are met:

  • Merchant sales business to new ownership
  • Merchant goes out of business
  • MLS Direct Network of Alabama can’t match competitor’s pricing offered to merchant. The Merchant MUST provide MLS Direct Network of Alabama all necessary information for full understanding of the competitor’s pricing and give MLS Direct Network of Alabama the opportunity to match the competitor’s offer BEFORE processing will be cancelled without Early Termination Fee.
  • An issue is not remedied by MLS Direct Network of Alabama in a timely matter with the condition that the merchant provide MLS Direct Network of Alabama a reasonable opportunity to remedy the issue.  This issue must be communicated by letter or email to an authorized employee, at which point, MLS Direct Network of Alabama will review the issue and lay out the process to remedy the issue and the reasonable response time to remedy that issue.
  • In order to qualify for the “No Risk, No Obligation” policy; the merchant must have an executed “Early Termination Fee Policy” document executed on file with MLS Direct Network of Alabama.  This document will be provided, upon request, at the time of processing contract execution.