Tired of dealing with the agent of the month working out of the back of their car ? MLS Direct Network has seasoned industry veterans that have ownership in MLS Direct Network. Our competitors typically hire “new to the industry” salespeople that rarely have adequate experience or training. Over time they exit the industry as their inexperience affects their job.

Customized Call Center

  • 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Mon-Fri as well as 24/7 national help-desk support always available. No competitors in this market have a responsive “customized” help desk. (Some agents try to imply their personal cell phone is a suitable help desk).

Centralized Terminal Control Center

  • We have the capability to do our own terminal programming, so we can have your terminal replaced in hours, not days. Our fastest competitor takes two to three days to replace your terminal.

Ability to Fit Your Needs

  • The only provider in this market directly set up with the top three processors giving you access to the best pricing and solutions. Essentially, all of our competitors only have one cookie cutter solution to your needs.

Member of the Better Business Bureau

  • MLS Direct Network has been a member of the BBB since 2000 with no substantiated complaints. Only a few competitors are even members.

Full Time Access to Your Info

  • MLS Direct Network gives you 24/7 access to your account online for free! You can see deposits, individual transactions, returns and more. Our competitors charge you up to $20 a month for this feature and even then it can be hard to navigate through and use.

Registered Merchant Service Provider with Visa and MasterCard.

  • Requires significant registration fees, extensive background check, net worth requirements and must stay current with all card association regulations. Excepting our bank competitors, most of our local competitors have not achieved this level of certification and the rest are simply “subagents” of out of state companies and are not even recognized by Visa and MasterCard.

60 Day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • If within 60 days of you being signed up with MLS Direct Network we have not met your expectations, then you may cancel your account with us with no early termination fees. Simply send in your cancellation request and write “60 day out” on it. Our competitors often have expensive cancellation fees. (This warranty only applies to our First Data program.)

Trained Account Reps

  • We assign a highly trained account representative that personally works with you. All of our agents have been through extensive background, criminal history, credit and driving record checks prior to being hired. Most of our local competitors are agents of out of state companies and are not subject to any extensive background checks. When an agent leaves that company; they are no longer allowed to service your account, and the company may go many months before they find a replacement.